Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an online multiplayer?

Unfortunately we were not able to build in a solid multiplayer (two guys without any networking knowledge). Implementing a crappy online system would've been a black spot on a solid single/local multiplayer game. There is a chance that we will create a sequel to the game. In that case, online multiplayer will be one of the key features! For now, invite some friends and enjoy some couch fighting!

Will Megabyte Punch be on Steam?

Yes! We've been greenlit by the community and we are currently working on the Steam release! If you voted for the game, THANKS!

Do I receive a Steam key when I bought the game before the game got Greenlit?

Yes, IF you bought the game before getting greenlit. It will be a challenge to distribute the keys to all who purchased the game before getting greenlit but we'll do our best to bring you a key as close to the launch as possible. If you purchased the game through BMTMicro or Indievania please fill in this form

When will the game release on Steam?

October 15!

I'm press and I want to write about this game!

Nice! All you need is this presskit.

Not so Frequently Asked Questions but can still be very useful.

Who created Megabyte Punch?

Megabyte Punch is created by Dion Koster & Tim Remmers, also known as Reptile. For more information about Reptile you can visit our website at

Who created the audio?

The audio in Megabyte Punch is created by Oscar van der Burgh (Runesound)

What engine did you use to create Megabyte Punch

To create Megabyte Punch we used the free version of Unity3D

When will the game be finished?

Q2 2013

I have payment issues, where do I go?

Since we don't handle the payments personally it is depending on where you bought the game. Humble Bundle, Desura, Gamersgate, Indievania or Indiegamestand all have their own payment support.

How do I get the latest version of the game?

When we release an update for the game an email will be sent to the email address you used to buy the game. If you bought the game on Desura, Gamersgate, Indievania or Indiegamestand you will be notified by their system when there is an update available.

Can I play Megabyte Punch with a controller/joypad?

Yes, we recommend playing with a Xbox360 Controller for Windows.